Scuba Certifications





 If you haven’t been diving for a while (long surface interval) and you’d like to refresh your memory and your diving skills, this course is for you. During one discussion session we will review basic diving theory and usage of dive tables. We’ll review basic diving skills and buoyancy control. After completion of these skills we will make an open water dive with the instructor from the boat.



If you’re not a certified diver, but you would like to see the reef and experience what scuba diving is all about, try this easy course. First we will discuss basic diving theory in an informal, easy-to-understand format. You will learn some simple diving skills which will make your first diving experiences easy and very enjoyable. This course includes 2 open-water dives with your instructor. All of your equipment is included for this class. You may make as many SCUBA EXPERIENCE dives as you wish while here at the resort. Since this is not a certification course, you must dive under the direct supervision of your instructor. The charge for additional SCUBA EXPERIENCE dives after completing your first 2 is $200 per person. After taking the resort course many people decide to get certified. For this reason, the cost of the resort course may be applied towards the OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE described below.


OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE: ($650 – 4 days)

There’s no better place to take your full certification course than here in our warm, tropical waters. This course includes all phases of training required for Open Water Certification. This involves academic and ocean diving during your training program. This course is structured in an easy, informal manner. All diving equipment, training materials and certification fees are included in the cost of this course.


OPEN WATER REFERRAL ($350 – 2 days)

If you have completed all but the Open-Water phases of your training already, you can make your Open-Water training dives here with us. Upon completion you will be certified as an Open Water Diver. All you need is to bring your Student Referral Form and a copy of your medical statement. We accept Student Referrals from all of the Major dive certification agencies: DIWA, PDIC, YMCA, SSI, MDEA, PADI, NAUI, CMAS, BSAC



If you are interested in how to night dive, deep dive or sharpening your underwater navigational skills, then this course is for you. This course consist of three “core” dives: night, deep, and navigation. Then two additional specialty dives. For example, many divers choose “mufti-level diving”, underwater photography and wreck diving. All training materials and certification fees are included in the cost of this course. You will need your diving equipment, a compass, cyalume stick, underwater dive light and an underwater camera and film if you are interested in taking underwater photography.


RESCUE DIVER COURSE: ($650 3-4 days)

This is a must course for anyone who wishes to continue their diving education towards more professional goals such as Divemaster and Dive Instructor. Others may be interested in this course for the special knowledge and experience they gain. This course consists of academic, Open-Water training in diver rescue and practical boat diving techniques. All training materials and certification are included in the cost of this course.


* Outlines for Divemaster and Instructor courses available on request