Guanaja’s water’s offer the ardent angler an aquatic paradise teeming with plentiful Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Barracuda and Jacks. Anglers are successful with both fly and Ultra-light rigs.  Fishing the flats from boat or wade into the many incredible strike zones all around Guanaja island.  The Local Islander Fishing Guides at The End of the World are the best in the Bay Islands. We fish only 2 anglers and 1 guide per boat

 Guanaja Fly Fishing

GUANAJA FLY FISHING:  #8 and #9 rods with 10-12 weight line work wonders. Excellent results have been achieved using saltwater streamers which included Mylar strips, muddlers, Mantis shrimp, needle fish flies, gummy minnows, micro crabs, popping crabs and silver, red/white poppers.  Reels:  Solid saltwater with good disc brake characteristics with a 250 yd. capacity. Overweight your fly lines.  Leaders:  9’-12’ Fluorocarbon leaders provide excellent strength and light enough to feel all the action. 


GUANAJA ULTRA LIGHT:  Most light and ultra-light rigs work well with 6-12lb line rigged with 25lb test wire leaders are most commonly used by locals and guest anglers.  For light casting we’ve had lots of luck using crippled minnow lures (metallic colors), spoons w/ #3-6 sizes, live bait rigs using fiddler crabs and live minnows.

Many guests have also had great results with feather jigs, Marabou (yellow and white).  Hooks from #3-#7 short shank work wonders and keep bait lively for longer. 

BONEFISH:  Typical sizes are 5-8lb and up to 10lbs.  Much larger on the average compared to Belize and Mexico and the Florida Keys. 

PERMIT:  We get daily shots at Permit throughout the day both on the flats and in deeper water.  These babies average 6-12lbs and giant Permit at 30lbs!

When fishing for these fighters we recommend 8 weight rods 

TARPON:  We catch small tarpon in the 6-40lb range mostly in the creek mouths and small estuaries around Guanaja. Large monsters in 100lb range are also cruising around Mangrove Bight and the many Mangrove lagoons.  Sight casting works great on the tide. 

BARRACUDA:  We usually fish for these at slack water.  Sizes are between 7-20+lbs.  9’-10’ #20 leader with table wire. 

JACKS:  Hardy and robust fighting fish.  Usually Jacks are seen in pursuit of other fish fast moving. They will eat almost everything in front of them.  Get your lure or fly in front of their path. 





Fly and Ultra-light fishing

Atypical day of fishing starts around 8:00am and returning at 4:00pm.  Lunch is either brought in the boat or we stop by a local restaurant to break up the day. First stops are less than 30 minutes away from the resort. 


*6 days fully guided trips with only 2 anglers per boat

Accommodations: (based on dbl occupancy)

All meals at the hotel

R/T transfer R/T transfers on Guanaja: (airport/hotel)

**Rod and reel rentals available for $35 per day

$3000 + tax per angler 

GUANAJA DEEP SEA FISHING:  Full and half day charters aboard completely rigged vessels troll for Marlin, sailfish, wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Cero and barracuda.  Our charters are all inclusive:  Boat, fuel, captain, poles and rigs, bait, drinks and lunch are served aboard. 

Bring back your catch to the resort and our cook will prepare them for dinner. 

Half Day   $500.  Up to 4 anglers  (4 hours)

Full Day:  $750.  Up to 4 anglers   (7 hours)