Live and work remotely for up to three months from your tropical paradise beach cabana. The only requirement to enter Honduras is a PCR or rapid test 72 hours prior to arrival. That’s it!  Once here guests can connect to the outside world via our quantum satellite Wi-Fi system.  Work remotely or stream the internet from your room, the beach or the tiki bar in paradise. Guests can roam the miles of secluded beaches, scuba dive, snorkel swim, fish, eat delicious seafood, drink fresh juice rum Tiki concoctions, take boat tours around the island, explore the island’s jungle rainforest, waterfalls and native island villages.  Be as busy or relaxed as you wish it’s up to you!

This special offer includes 30% off any packages for visitors spending 20 nights or more on the property. After such a rigorous and challenging year and extended escape from winter is here and in reach. Crystal seas, sun and fun all await those who want to make the move. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of this opportunity. Some of our past extended guests rave about the quality time spent with their families and actually getting to know them in an intimate setting. These tender experiences cannot be replaced only lost or never realized.

We can help you with transportation and planning your trip, planning meals and for special events while here at the resort.  Your dreams are a reality here at the End of the World Resort.