If you’re not a certified diver, but you would like to see the reef and experience what scuba diving is all about, try this easy course. First we will discuss basic diving theory in an informal, easy-to-understand format. You will learn some simple diving skills which will make your first diving experiences easy and very enjoyable. This course includes 2 open-water dives with your instructor. All of your equipment is included for this class. You may make as many dives as you like while here at the resort. Since this is not a certification course, you must dive under the direct supervision of your instructor. The charge for each additional dive after the resort course dives are concluded is $25 plus equipment rental fee per dive. After taking the resort course many people decide to get certified. For this reason, the cost of the resort course may be applied towards the OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE described below.

$125-1 day